About Jeff Belanger

Jeff Belanger is an author, adventurer, and one of the most visible paranormal researchers today. He’s written books for both adults and children, he’s a talk show host, television producer, lecturer, and the founder of the new legend tripping movement. Since 1997, the former journalist has interviewed thousands of eyewitnesses to paranormal occurrences.

Jeff is also the host, writer, and producer of the New England Legends television series on PBS. He is the ultimate insider and knows how to connect with people from all walks of life when it comes to the unexplained. He is the author of over a dozen books (published in six languages) including the best sellers: The World's Most Haunted Places, Weird Massachusetts, and Who's Haunting the White House (for children). He's the founder of Ghostvillage.com, the Web's most popular paranormal destination according to Google.com, and a noted speaker and media personality providing dozens of lectures per year at colleges, universities, conferences, and libraries. He's also the host of the cable/Web talk show, 30 Odd Minutes which is available in over 3 million homes in the United States. Belanger has written for newspapers like The Boston Globe and is the series writer and researcher for Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.

Belanger has been a guest on hundreds of radio and television programs and networks including: The History Channel, The Travel Channel, Biography Channel, PBS, NECN, Living TV (UK), The Maury Show, The CBS News Early Show, FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliates, National Public Radio, The BBC, Australian Radio Network, and Coast to Coast AM.

Additionally, Belanger is a Sandy Hook Elementary School alumni who sits on the Board of Directors of the Newtown Memorial Fund, Inc.--a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a long-term fund to provide a memorial to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, and to establish academic scholarships in the victims' names for generations of Newtown students to come. He holds a B.A. from Hofstra University, and currently haunts Massachusetts.

Media Experience

Belanger is a recognized media personality on the subject of the supernatural. He's been quoted on this subject in dozens of print publications and news services including: Reader's Digest, The Sun, Reuters, CNET, CNN.com, Forbes.com, USA Today, Newsday, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Chicago Tribune, The Gainesville Sun, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Spirit (in-flight magazine for Southwest Airlines), Mas Allá (Spain), Metrowest Daily News, Danbury News-Times, Poughkeepsie Journal, The Augusta Chronicle, York Daily Record, The Providence Journal, Children's Writer, TAPS Paramagazine, Haunted Times Magazine, and Ghost! Magazine, and he's been a guest on more than 100 radio programs including: National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation with Neil Conan, the BBC, Australian Radio Network, The Big Show with John Boy & Billy, Cable Radio Network, DayBreak USA on the USA Radio Network, X-ZONE Radio, Jeff Rense Program, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, KPNW (Eugene, Oregon), WGN (Chicago), WBZ (Boston, MA) WGY (Albany, NY), WIP (Philadelphia, PA), WKQZ (Saginaw, MI), KMOG (Springfield, MO), KSTZ (Des Moines, IA), WLEV (Allenton, PA), KAHI (Sacramento, CA), WLS (Chicago, IL), WOCM (Ocean City, MD), WNCY (Green Bay, WI), WKIS (Miami, FL), KNOX (Grand Forks, ND), WQSO (Portsmouth, NH), WGRR (Cincinnati, OH), KOA (Denver, CO), WWL (New Orleans, LA), WRIF (Detroit, MI), WRKI (Danbury, CT), WPRO (Providence, RI), WZBC (Boston, MA), KFXJ (Wichita, KS), WKRC (Cincinnati, OH), KIXX (Lebanon, NH), KLLI (Dallas, TX), KXLY (Spokane, WA), WSEI (Olney, IL), KTAO (Taos, NM), KQRS (Minneapolis, MN), KLBP (Minneapolis, MN), Iowa Public Radio, CFRB (Toronto, Ontario), CJAD (Quebec, Canada), CKWR (Ontario, Canada) NewsTalk ZB (New Zealand), Newstalk 106-108 FM (Dublin, Ireland), SPIN (Dublin, Ireland), 4BFM (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia), 3TTT (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), nationally-syndicated Christian talk show Truth Talk Live, Ghost Chronicles Radio WCCM (Lawrence, MA), Exploring Unexplained Phenomena KZUM (Lincoln, NE), The Lou Gentile Show, Magick Mind Radio, APSR Paranormal Talk Radio, Nightwatch Radio, Ghostly Talk, Darkness on the Edge of Town Radio, many paranormal podcasts, he’s been featured on news programs on PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, New England Cable Network (NECN), various regional and local stations, and he’s been a guest on national television programs like The Early Show and Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood on CBS, The History Channel, Biography Channel, The Maury Show, The Travel Channel, and Living TV (UK). Belanger’s books have even made it to pop-culture. His Encyclopedia of Haunted Places was shown on the 2006 Halloween episode of The Girl’s Next Door on the E! Channel.