I Think My Christmas Tree is Haunted

Those of you who know me pretty well know that occasionally the muse descends and I have been known to write a song or two. Usually the songs are about something deep and meaningful, like hunting Santa’s reindeer, or what happens when you eat bad Mexican food. I don’t know what it is about Christmas, but the season just brings out my irreverent side.

This Christmas is no different. On Thanksgiving day of this year I started messing around with some lyrics. Soon verses gave way to choruses, choruses to solos… ahhh… I’m making this bigger than it is.

I’m blessed to have some talented friends. I wrote the song “My Christmas Tree is Haunted,” figured out a good key on my guitar, and sent the 12-bar blues number over to my best friend since childhood, John Judd. John’s the real musician. He put all of the music together and we realized that a song this good needed someone who can sing. So I called my father-in-law, Robert Peckman, and he got to work on the vocals. John pieced everything together and our new band, The Ghostvillage Memorial Choir was born. Don’t be looking for us to gig anywhere anytime soon, but do watch for more songs in the future.

Without further ado, you can download/listen to the MP3 of the song by clicking here (the file is 10 MB).

Rock this one ’round your Christmas tree at home.


  1. Well I liked it. I passed it around the kids. will just have to add that to the playlist with your permission.

  2. Barbara

    I really enjoyed that song It made me feel the blues.

  3. I loved it!! The guy singing is awesome, the music makes you move, it’s great!!! My 22 year old son, who is into hip-hop, also liked it alot!! Great job!!

  4. I just LOVE this song. Too cool!!~Moonchime

  5. Ruth Rogers

    Loved it!! Thanks

  6. Burn'n Vern'n

    What a hoot!!! Sounds good……I started thinking about those “Christmas Spirits” though…..maybe I need to be cutting back so I don’t start thinking my tree is haunted – LOL!!!!

  7. Hank Fartfield

    Great tune. Very professional.
    Good band.Was the song recorded
    in a professional studio or at home?

  8. Philaedrion

    I loved your song! You rock!

  9. Love it, Jeff! The lyrics are super, and the blues with it makes it so perfect. Kudos to John and Robert, too.

  10. Jeff love your song! Merry Christmas

  11. Hi Jeff,
    I love the song and the lyrics are great! I would love to sing it, pehaps not as blues as your father-in-law, who is great by the way. You need to do more of this in the future, you have a talent.

  12. love the song different have a merry christmas

  13. Christina Wells

    I loved the song coming from a fellow hauntie, you must be haunted to be writing these types of lyrics…Its wonderful and I love to run into others with the same experiences…I have stories for pages…

  14. I really loved it!!!!!!! 🙂 it was very creative. Oh! By the way l
    Love this paranormal activity, it’s awesome, you can feel, see, & you can talk to the ghosts through devices! I WATCH YOUR SHOW ALL THE TIME! Luv it luv u guys
    ——- Maris la gargolla

  15. Carmen

    It is just great. I loved it and forwarded to my daughter. I know she will love it also, even if it is after Christmas.

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