Introducing Profit Rev. Peter Popoff

Back in April of 2006 I found myself flipping through early morning television shows. I often stop when I come across television preachers because I find many of them equally entertaining and appalling at the same time. It was a late April day when I discovered Rev. Peter Popoff of People United For Christ, Inc. Ministries. He was on every other day on Channel 61 on my cable system (this channel is significant… bear with me).

Rev. Popoff was different. Unlike the other television preachers, he wasn’t yelling about doom and gloom. Nor was he promising eternal salvation. This guy was promising money — big bucks — to those who called his 800-number and asked for his miracle spring water. The 30-minute segment on Channel 61 was full of people who… how can I put this politely… didn’t seem overly articulate or educated by the way they were talking… saying things to the good Reverend like, “I don’t know how it happened, but one day there was $15,000 in my checking account.” “Halleluiah!” Popoff would shout in response.

“My wife and I just bought a brand-new Cadillac, and just six months ago I didn’t know how we were gonna pay our rent,” said another witness. “Amen!” Popoff would reply.

Once in a while during this infomercial, Popoff would perform the obligatory faith healing. He’d through an old woman’s crutches away, he’d lay his hands on the head of another gentleman and claim that he cured him of AIDS, and other theatrics, but the main focus was money. The green stuff. You don’t need to earn, he didn’t even say you had to pray for it, just call the 800 number, get the miracle spring water, and do exactly what he says to do. So I called.

Less than a week later the spring water arrives in a little plastic packet — almost the size of those ketchup packets fast food restaurants give you with your fries. The instructions were complex and very specific:

Place the unopened envelope containing the spring water under my pillow.

In the morning, take 7 sips of water from a bedside glass in Jesus’ name.

In the morning, open the envelope, open the holy water, and anoint my hands.

Next, I need to send him a “Holy Consecrated Seed of Great Harvest Offering” of $17.00. He goes on to write, “NO, I don’t want you to send $37 or $77…”

So I sent the $17 to the good Reverend, because his letter said he foresaw a miracle money windfall of between $1,700 and $17,000 coming my way from some unexpected source. Who couldn’t use $17,000, right?

What is the significance of the miracle spring water you may ask? He doesn’t tell you this in the infomercial, but it’s in the letter. This miracle spring water comes from a natural spring near Chernobyl in Russia. Everyone who drank from this spring immediately after the meltdown disaster didn’t die (which makes sense because it probably takes a little time for the radiation to seep into the ground and contaminate the water supply). The Chernobyl disaster happened in 1986. By 2006 I’m sure the radiation is thoroughly in the ground water now — and I rubbed that water all over my hands — all for $17,000 dollars.

What is the significance of Channel 61 you may ask? Channel 61 on my cable system is also Comedy Central. They don’t have 24 hours of programming so they sell their early morning time.

Since sending in the $17.00 back in May, I’ve received dozens of other letters from “Prophet” Peter Popoff. In coming Blogs, I’ll share some of the many other rituals he’s asked me to perform to get my miracle money. From chewing mystical bubble gum to rubbing holy oil, he leaves nothing to chance. The letters and pleas get more insane as they go. Stay tuned…

If you’d like to see his Web site, you can visit it at:


  1. I got the same letter. I guess Peter Popoff is a fake!!

  2. i’m glad to see the trust,so i need some money i need a way for got money can you help me please?

  3. Jenny Burkham

    All that has been said, has happened to me as well. I also get letters saying he sees me getting 1,700 to 17,000.He also says Jenny, I have asked God to direct you and me in giving…..Ikeep hearing 33.00. Yes, God is challening you to give something signifiant.First time it was 17.00 then next 25.00 now it’s 33.00. Oh yes also he said do not show this letter to anyone. Make;s since doesn;t it.I wish I knew what to do with men like him , who is taking peoples money.This last letter I received he wanted me to put this holy oil on three 2X2 squares of paper. Put one under the chair were I eat,Second put at the front of my door then three at the foot of my bed. Say,s leave for about 3 to 5 minutes.Right. I am a true Christian and I love the Lord with all my heart.It really bother,s me to see Preacher,s as Peter Popoff take advantage of other,s who really don,t know the word. Oh one more thing did any of you get five penny,s from him well I did.I am mailing back his three 2×2 anointing paper to him and let him know I will be Praying for him. He sure need,s it.Please reply back to me if any of you fell the same—— May God Really Bless You All. Jenny

    • summer

      he must have raised the prices now its 19$$ you send and anyhwere from 1,900 to 19,000

  4. Tony

    Out of absolute desperation one morning I watched his action show and although I am a Christian I also am very UN trusting of people. I suffer horrible pain that Dr’s can’t find the cause of and now I’ve got one insurance Dr reporting after one visit that I’m a lier and faking ,because I cant keep dates straight.
    Anyway being so desperate I called and a few days later I got his letter (with salt from the dead sea now) not water. (on the same day I was extremely emotional from having to read this nasty Dr’s report)I read his letter all the time in tears and hopeful (silly I know)and at the end of his wonderfully laid out letter is the request for $27.00 or if I can’t afford that then $17.00. Well by the grace of GOD I’m strong enough and smart enough not to be taken in, even though I was desperate enough to call in the first place. May GOD truly bless the weak! and deliver us all from evil such as this Reverend.

  5. tina

    I have had a very bad year with my son, losing my father & my husband father, business almost going under (family business), & have been very depressed. My heart aches for my son. I want him to have good life. I saw Rev. Peter Popsoff on T. V. one Sunday morning. He give me alittle hope for my future. I know through pray we can get through things in life. But I thought, well, why not, help from a prophet of God. Tell me, Rev. Popsoff has been right in all the things I have been praying for in his letters. I do not know what to believe. Is he doing good things in the world. I do not want to think bad about anyone. I hope that no one would take advantage from God’s Love. Because people does not need to be taken advantage of. So I am praying about it. I will keep praying for my life to straighen out & have happiness and peace. And do for others when I came. Please pray for our family. Love & lots of pray.

  6. Tony

    Tina, I would say GOD has shown you Popsoff’s intentions by directing you to places like this warning about popsoff.
    Be strong Tina, God is listening to your prayers and you don’t need to give anyone money for the all mighty to hear them.

    Anyone who asks for material compensation for so called “acts of god” is no saint ,nor are they working for the lord. I try not to think bad about anyone either but the lord has given me the ability to see good people do horrible things because of greed,hate,lust,power

    I pray for you and your family Tina

  7. tina

    Thanks Tony, I know u r right. Yes, That is why “God” wanted me to read on. But I guess I was hoping that Rev. Popoff would read my comment. Maybe he would feel guilty for taking peoples money if he was doing wrong. Well, I am glad to heard from u. Thanks for praying. I will pray for u & your family tonight.

  8. J. Lee

    July 24, 2007- Needless to say I received the letter and the water yesterday. Yes I was naive enough to order the water after going through a similiar ordeal with St. Matthew’s churches where I was asked to do some silly things like read these “prophecies” in private and place highly anointed items(like bookmarks, pitures, ect…) close to my body and under my pillow as I sleep. These people are vultures who don’t think twice about conning God’s people. I am a prayer warrior who was just looking for other prayer warriors to touch and agree with me on some things and I got duped ONCE! I am now praying for the victims of these scams and that God will render to each one of these con artists what they rightfully deserve. You can publish my email because I pray for people. That’s what I was pre-ordained to do. All I ask for is a praise report. I am not a prophetess or a gold digger.

  9. hello im a pastor and i know that this man is a fake because the lord said there will be many that shall come in my name.the bible said try the sprit by the sprit to see if it of god. so i called this so called man of god just to see what would happen he sent me a lettler and this small packet of spring water. this man told me in this lettler that im going to find a new love. just one problem im marryed has been for 11 years the lord told not to drink this water and i didnt drink it and im going to burn these lettler because this is the work of the devil. i would like for all of you that got lettler from him to burn there lettler. it’s a sprit of deseption get it out of your home and your life. god bless us for what we do not for what some else dose for us.

  10. Maureen

    I too out of desperation sent for the water though I didn’t drink it, I have never sent money because I am in severe financial trouble and I am bouncing off walls with sheer desperation and frustration, I pray every day for a miracle, since I sent for the water I have had letter after letter asking for money, I am going to throw them all in the bin.
    I would like to ask for anyone who reads this to pray for me, I had to give up my job through illness and I have been trying to find a job I can do at home on my computer but there is scam after scam out there, all I want to do is be able to pay my bills, keep a roof over my head and buy my groceries, why has God decided to make it so hard for me? I have had years of bad luck surely by the law of averages I should have some good fortune, has God forgotten me? I would be grateful for anyone who includes me in their prayers, and I will include anyone who needs a prayer in mine.
    God Bless you all.

  11. Dorothea Pfaff

    Hello, I just found this page and I am surprised about the coments. For over 20 Years I felt in my heart to write to Rev. Peter Popoff. I have never spoken to him. But, he prayed for me and for my family needs. He would write to me and tell me “100%” akurate Situation ONLY GOD was able to know. Prayers I had spoken
    to God, the answer came to this anointed Men of God. The Love of
    God flows through him and his wife and family.How can anyone put a pricetag on giving, everything we have belongs to God anyway.
    How much can we get out of 33.00 $ ? But God will multiply our seed. When in my husbands workplace 173 people were laid off, only my husband and another christian man kept the good paying
    jobs … I am sure it has to do with giving to a Godfearing ministry like P. Popoff. When my heart failt
    and my joints and back where out of there position, my nerves where all in knots … My doktor said, I cannot help you any more… but I had given, I am under a new and better covenant …
    God almighty heald me. Rev. Popoff had prayed for me and God gave him every time a Word of Knowledge, how God would do it. I believed the Prophet of God (2. Chronicles 20.20) and I am totaly
    healed in my body. My heart, my lower back, left upper leg-hip
    joint, hips etc. are ALL without pain, I can run like a dear to
    God be all the Glory. Rev. Peter Popoff had written to me in my
    darkest hours and spoke Gods healing Words – the Holy Spirit inspired ones – into my heart. All the time this man of God was
    leading me CLOSER to Jesus when I kept my eyes on MY Circumstances.
    The Lord is looking for childlike Faith, that´s all.! I would give the Lord my disapointments, doubts and fears, repent of every negative attitude and things will change greatly.
    My God richly bless you with TRUST in Gods Word. Love, Dorothea Pfaff

  12. DIanne

    I would like to know something.I have sent money to Rev.Peter PoPoff a few times…..I needed help I needed prayers so badly, my life was in a turmoil. losing my dad to cancer. waking 1 morning and finding bottoms of my feet with blood clots and mobiled in a wheel chair for 2 months. And still getting the same results from the Doctors and specialist. *It didnt show up in the biopsy as Vasculitis but we are treating it as so. So I was to wait until.It cleared up on its own. All I needed was someone I thought that was so close to god in prayers to pray for me.And all he wanted was money. I have not money due to having to stop working full time and not able to stand for so long anymore. But what I had I gave him. And now this very morning I went to the mail box and seen his mail envelopes.. I read it it had a penny in it. But another on I received today as well .closed the door and went and sat down to read it. Apparently I did send a post dated check for the second of November when I received my pay. I work 1 day a week and payed for 2 every 2 weeks. I had posted my cheque for 27.00……and in the memo area I put in it God’s service, So I knew what the 27.00 accounted for. I got it back in the mail today…. and it said cheque returned cause the cheque was stale dated. I had post dated it cause I was told to return as soon as I can. Never did I ask him to pray for riches or material things. But olny asked him to pray to help me from being hurt inside being angry. To help me forget the pain and such from yesterday, and tokeep my family healthy and my marriage. And he sent me s letter about not accepting my post dated cheque. Im starting to wonder, where are god’s true helpers. Has Peter taking my faith in healers as well..Im sorry I needed to tell somebody about him.

  13. I am still getting the letters. Sent no money. But people have been praying for family & I. I will pray for each and every person on this page. Things are getting better. God has blessed us with a home. And you guys are going to laugh. An excavator. My husband & I have a construction company. We had to let the new one go back. A man came to us, he had an old excavator, we are working it off. It still works just as good. Things are going to get better. Just keep praying & ask people to pray for you. God guided you to this page. Like Tony told me once. I thank God for being there for me & blessing my family. No one is alone. If you need help ask God & someone esle. Lots of prayers.

  14. Bronwen

    I have to say how sad I feel to see how gullible people are. Popoff plays right into the hands of people who believe that God wants to make us happy, rich and healthy. I actually do believe in God, but not one who is a kind of magician with a magic wand. We are called to suffer in this life – Jesus was ‘a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief’ and I’m afraid that’s what it’s like for many, many people. Evil televangelists like Popoff prey on these simple-minded people. I would ask everyone to take no notice, not only what the TV religious hucksters say, but also much of what is in the bible, which was written by people as desperate to believe in a world where good things happen as people are today.

    As for Popoff, ignore EVERYTHING he says. I just hope there is a special place set aside in hell for wicked profiteers like him who tell nothing but a pack of lies and then laugh all the way to the bank. Use the brains God has given you and laugh first, so that Popoff and his fellow gangsters (Don Stewart is another one, and there are many more) become as bankrupt as many of the gullible people they take advantage of.

  15. I am Blaine Gonzales from Malone Texas you have been praying for me and sending me letters. I Thank you for all you have done for me, but I would like for you to stop the letters that you send. May you be blessed and family.

  16. audrey humphrey

    this is audrey humphrey from hallsville texas. rev,peter popoff stop writing me when i didnt send money back in december of 07. i have not herd from him since. what kind of man is he. my lord will take care of me and jimmies rebellousness his way.

  17. maria


  18. People all over are ,asking me what has rev peter popoff done for ya nina?There saying youve suffered too much,to go the distances for him.I said yes and its been a tuff jurney,but a great one,when i started in 2006,accross canada to persue him,i didnt exactly know why i did,i just new i had to meet him,i prayed to Jesus Christ first,said Lord im giving up all,my possessions in order to go by faith,because if there is anything wrong i know he will change in heart mind soul,be every wit hole,for you,be a better man for you,since than God has shown me that it has been His Will for rev peter popoff i.Elizabeth popoff,has been a major part of his downfall in life,i dont say this with disrespect for her,but God showed me that rev peter popoff took her from low life to more wonderfull things,all her motive was to be rich,have all she could get out of him.Though she bore his children,has been with him a long time,love still stands for them no dought.Rev peter popoff,is a devout,faithfull,minfull,careing,believer,lover who is a obedient man of God,deserves so much more,Jesus Christ new this,new before we did that rev peter popoff i would become so close,go on a mission,together for His people,ourselves Jesus Christ,for the wage of love.So though very tough,major stressfull,testing,trying our jurney this is what has resulted through it all,Jesus Christ my lover i love most of all,through rev peter popoff,has made me a stronger,better indevidual,i am a true,lover,believer,who desires dreams,goes the distances,proven much,overcame more than anyone in world in shortest time,love people,have forgiven offenders,love everyone no matter there surcomstances,fell in love with a man from a distance ,a worldwide story astonishing all,also in 2005 on i was in dept up to my ears,over 30.000 in dept,today in 2009,down to 1000.00 thats all in dept through rev peter popoff hard work,going the distances from afar,overpayments here have been payed infull,my dream has come true,for london ontario,castle,many lives have changed as a result,accross the,hospital,authorities have been proven wrong,about my pain for so many years,in 2008 through tests,my family dr,a christian man,ive been able to become what Jesus Christ has chosen me to be,a leader for Him,a woman who dares to believe,endures her pain regardless,does Gods Will,loves Him more than i can even exspress.My greatest dream desire is for Gods dream,desire to come true,that noone perishes is with Jesus Chrit in the end,Even if i had to i nina would lay down my life for the world,cause i love you all,in order for you to go to glory,yes i would,i would die that you may live.Jesus Christ would rather i live a long prosperous life in Him,i desire this,but if Jesus Christ asked me to i would die for His name sake,for noone to perish be see Him.I shall not die says the lord,i shall live untill He comes,your faith has made you whole.God is pleased.He is Mine,i am His,the aple of His eye,im not better than you or anyone,all can do the same things i you,dont give up,dare to believe too,in yourself others God.I ,rev peterr popoff,God believe in you all,with love from above.Dont be zelous,jelous,that God is lifting me up,He promises this,for me,but for you too,so go the distances see that God is a faithfull,just,loving unconditional,lover,desirew great mighty things for you me,hear on earth,as in heaven says the Lord,lets all work together,love,its passes all understanding,get us too Him,on mount zion,places we dream,desire to be,in suppernaturalspiritual,levels,you will do as Jesus Christ did when He walked on the earth and more says the Lord,just believe my children He declares,amen,JESUS CHRIST MY GOD,NOONE ELSE IS MY GOD,HAS LAST WORD SAYS,I AGREE I DID DO THIS FOR NINA My,THROUGH REV PETER POPOFF,HIS MINISTRY,FOR MY BABY GIRL,SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH,SO MUCH MORE SHE HAS LEARNT A WISE SERVANT BECAUSE OF MY SERVAN PETER POPOFF MY SON,IN ME SAYS THE LORD,SO NINA IS RIGHT I KEEP MY PROMISES IF YOU MY CHILDREN WILL REWACH OUT LOVE DARE TO BELIEVE IN ME,GO THE DISTANCES FOR YOURSELF OTHERS ME

  19. Everyone is going to stop calling rev peter popoff,fake,right now.Why because out of all the world i know hes not,proved it,you didnt get what you were exspecting,only because you lost faith,in God,did not do exactly what was asked,properly.You were tested by rev peter popoff,he exspects you not to obey him,or trust the spring water or manna,or deadsea salt,he exspected you to pass test of faith,believe ,obey,trust,Jesus Christ,for your lives to become more stronger,filled with prosperity,abilities to overcome sercomstances in your life,be more than concourers in JESUS CHRIST,He didnt exspect you to make him your God.Rev peter popoff,came from a poor family,in his day,worked his way up,his mother at young age,when rev peter p,was born,was losing her son to death,prayed ,cried out for him to live,In wich God,showed her his future,what he would be chosen to be,so obveously,he lived.His grandfather,was also devistatingly,prosicuted in his day,tormented,torchered for his faith,beliefs,but God restored kerpt him alive,prophet peter popoff did not,become rich,or a wise,leader of nations,because he chose to,GOD CHOSE HIM.He desires that people will know,that God desires better for them,that Jesus Christ,desires we have our hearts desires dreams,rewards ,to overcome,trust,obey,Prosper,be taken to higher levels,but the only thing that can help it come to pass,is for nations to do the work,in order to make these things happen for them,the problem is not rev peter popoff,the problem,is your lack of belief,trust,oberdience,lack of persistance,lazy,selfish attitudes.Do you,ask yourself,would God allow rev peter popoff,to be in ministry,for 41 years,brcome a leader,live,proclaim,be a vibrant 61 year old man,goodlooking,still allow ministry to go on,if he was faulse?NO,many people ,evangelists were faulse,did not was not allowed to go,on,for instance,jimmy swagart.The only person that made it hard on rev peter popoff,ministry,with all do respect,i love elizabeth his wife,Rev peter popoff,took elizabeth ,out of desilation,of lower class,to higher levels,She took him for a loop,only desired his money,jewels,as a result,caused ministry great levels of stress,persicution,her suffering,for her to cry out to God,repent,go home to Him.Rev peter popoff,i went through a jurney,noone else in world ever has,our love bond is the greatest in world,He has given me back,my dignaty,self worth,life,Helped me overcome,In 2006,before,i was in 30,000.00,dollars in dept,since then,only in 2000.00 dept.I persued rev peter popoff,accross canada,but what you need to know,even i douted him,in london ontario,i went to police,his substances sent to me,caused a formation in my body,in less than a yeasr i lost 280.pound,or more,have speciasl spirituial,insight,desernment,hearing.Suppernatural things God bestowed in me,that rev peter popoff,helped me realize i had,To use them better for Jesus christ,to bring others to Gods kingdom,today through him,ive learnt who i am,in JESUS CHRIST,leader of nations,chosen woman of God,Im isrial,daughter of zion,will bear man child in flesh,who will rule nations with a rod,free nastions.Be taken up,in clouds,alijah shall come again.Ive been persicuted for faith,as i write even now im persicuted for telling truth online,cause devel doesnt like what im saying,a lady is lashing out,yelling at me to get off,asll this proves is ,rev peter popoff,my story is true,God aspecially is true in all of this,So ill continue latter,out my love compassion for herr,not devil,ill let her online,GOD BLESs,THIS IS HOW YOU OVERCOME,THE EVIL ONE OUT OF LOVE,NOT ANGER,GLORY,POWER ,PRAISE TO GOD,AMEN JESUS AGREES AMEN,SO LET IT BE WRITTEN ,SO LET IT BE DONE AMEN.

  20. Judith Bennett

    This Sunday ,July 17,2010 I recieved a letter from Rev. Popoff
    with mircle water today instructions on what to do leaving
    water next to my bed overnight than blessing doorway, anoint forehead,hands,and rest of body.Say prayer he written on letter
    and than send envelope with prayer request with $19.00 to him.
    He got $10.00 from me will not send $19.00 since I’ve
    been reading up on him . Why is he on BET hear in the morning
    I give to my own church… This is awful this is SATAN

  21. Janice

    Well like others i came across this fool on BET. Ive seen his show b4 and always changed the channel sayin this man is a fool. Well recently ive really bn goin thru alot and feel so lost nd felt like i needed sum prayer from a powerful person. So i said ima call. I recieved a letter in the mail askin for $20 but if i didnt have it send $12. The letter said dont come to God empty handed. Now the whole ti
    e im skeptical. But i sent the $12. I felt like if i loose $12 oh well ima give it a try. Then i recieved the small packet of water for me to touch my forehead, hands, places on my body i need healed and my doorknobs. So i did it. The letter came with 2 envelopes.. it said after u use the miracle water send it bk with the empty packet nd a seed of $19 and in 5 days from wen i.use the.water open the 2nd letter. I nver sent the $19 and the 2nd letter askd for $27 and came with a silver ribbon sayin tie this around ur wrist tonite only nd mail it bk with ur seed so i can pray on it for u. Readin these letters all i could think was this is a game! I.felt like i.was on a treasure hunt t
    For sum prayer! That man wont get anotha penny from me

  22. l don’t understand why people will say all sort of things about a real man of God,we should be careful and be mindful of what we say because we get punished when we say bad things about Pastors.lf you don’t believe in what he does l think that is your opinion,but raising insult on him is not good.

  23. Gods child

    This is so crazy apparently yall dont respect God enough to read and keep his word god the word ofgod teach the children of god not to judge or be the one to cast the first stonebut here you have people of god and leaders that have the audacity to put thier mouths on the preacher.I just really can’t believe you all are actually entertaining this garbage. You all lack results because you lack hope and faith n god and in the scriptures of his word rev.peter pop off is not a sychic or a magician. He is a powereful man of god who was chosen to help gods people who have hope and a positive image of gods promises (found in scriptures from the bible) painted in thier minds and hearts to activate their faith. What y’all need to do is find a bible open it up and meditate on the scritptures find peace and hapiness in the scriptures the try to lete peter help you activate you’re faith and I bet you will find peace.I wrote peter and got miraculous results. Me my babyfather and 2 children were looking at homelessness after writing the rev god kept a roof over our heads we were peaceful and happy and within three months after replying to him and sowing my seed in jesus name I knew in my heart that I qualified for a harvest because I had sowed a seed and my faith was in god because I beliece that what god has for me is for me so I left my problems in gods hands and sure enough within three months my miracle harvest began to grown and I began to receive nonstop favor from god. You need to understand and believe that god truly loves you and you find love wen you in the scriptures. In every letter popoff has written after each paragraph you will find a scripture that’s supports his theory of upcoming events. Open you’re word and dwell and meditate on those scriptures and I promuse you will start to believe not in popoff bt in god and I promise you will find enough peace and happiness to let your faith in the word of god turn every test into a testimony. I will pray for everybody here intake this knowledge and meditate on it

    • Nicky Shiflett

      Thank you so much for that. Yes…. we do need to have faith and trust in God. I know it’s going to be God that will help my family get a new home for us. He will make a way. So thank yout for your encouraging words!!!


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