Mission 157 – Astral Projection with William Buhlman

In Mission 157 we explore the astral plane with author and researcher William Buhlman! Can our consciousness leave our bodies and travel through space and time? Buhlman says it can and he can teach you how. Buhlman is the author of three books, including his latest: Adventures in the Afterlife, he’s one of the leading experts on out of body experiences (OBEs), and he’s taught thousands of people how do travel on the astral plane. Plus, a Russian UFO in the news, and Dr. Dreck stops by to show us his own astral travels. Don’t miss it!

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  1. hi mr belanger and mr buhlman. yes I heard you on the coast to coast program and was awestruck by your knowledge on the subject on astral travel and other related topics. I have been doing this type of activity for almost 30 years beginning with my first astral travel excursion in 1988. ive compiled nearly 30 journals one each year outlining my distant voyages among other precognitive and supernatural events in my life.please return to the coast to coast program soon and if you have published any books I would love to read more on this real and fascinating phenomena. thank you very much for reading sincerely jeff baker culver city….california

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